Heather's Story

Great original songs. Heather’s music is smooth and soulful with a level of emotion that captivates all audiences. Miss. Glabb has stardom qualities - her future shines with success. ”

— Various venue owners


Heather Glabb was born and raised in a small town community of 20,000 in Port Colborne Ontario where most everyone was known by name, especially if you were from the Glabb family.  Heather remembers being constantly approached as a youngster by many saying, “You must be a Glabb”. However, having  6 brothers and 3 sisters made it hard to be forgotten around town.  Heather says, “Everyone is very talented in my family and we all sang and  played an instrument.  I remember being referred to as a member of the Partridge Family or Marie Osmond more than once.  I didn’t mind that at all.  I loved to sing and I did just that. Every chance I had!”  

 It was her deep love and passion for music that prompted Heather to join the church junior choir at a young age.  Her mother’s encouragement inspired Heather and gave her the courage to sing solos n the choir and at school talent shows.. Heather honed the skills of vocal  harmonies developing  a soulful style that could only  come from being raised in a gospel church.  She performed her first duet with her brother Clay at 5 years old.  “It wasn’t the success my mom was looking for because I totally blanked out.  I was so nervous; I told her I forgot the words over the microphone”.  However, her mother knew Heather had a special gift that needed to be shared. 

From those first days, Heather knew she sure loved to sing and reflects on how well received her performances were.  “Well, I do remember all of the nice comments shared with me each time I sang in the choir and when our group Eternal Love performed.  It was just incredible.  Although I was full of anxiety most of the time.. lol.. I couldn’t wait to get up and perform.. I guess you could say I had the singing and performing bug a long time ago”.  

Heather played the C Melody Saxophone for many years in the church orchestra.  She says she loved the experience…. “Oh I loved to play my sax.  It was the most beautiful sounding instrument in the world.  I thought so anyhow ..And still do… I grew to adore the sax and played the trumpet also”.  Heather’s musical talent only grew and as a young teenager she began experimenting with the acoustic guitar.  That  is when she discovered a true love for country music and writing songs.  “My mom and I were on fire in those younger days… I remember going over with a chorus and she would write the verses.  Or perhaps I had a melody.  She would quickly write words so compelling and honest.  Our songs just came alive”. 

Heather had the experience of a life time when she sang her way to the finals of the Bud Country Talent Search.  “I placed 2nd in Canada at the Bud Country Talent Search in Hamilton Ontario 1991.  It was televised and hosted by Michelle Wright".  

 "The two songs I chose to sing where co-written with my mother.  In fact we finished “Don’t Ask Mama”, the night before I entered the competition".   As a result of this 2nd place finish, Heather opened up for Michelle Wright and Carroll Baker.  It was an honour for her. “I was so excited!! It was so awesome and incredibly surreal.  I am blessed”. 

Writing has become an important part of who Heather is.  She is constantly looking for a new idea or rhythmic melody for a song.  In 2005, Heather won 1st Place in song writing at The Canadian Country Open Competition, for her song “I’m Gonna Drive”.    She tells me, “I knew this song was special.  I worked on developing the lyrics and melody much longer than other songs I had written in the past.   I felt the song could make an impact on people and touch their lives.  When I won, I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment.  It is a gift I do not take  lightly.  I am honoured”. 

Most recently,  Heather was the opening act for Jen Chapin, daughter of late singer/songwriter Harry Chapin who penned the beautiful song, “Cats in the Cradle” in 2014..   Heather opened for Astrid Young, sister of the great singer/songwriter, Neil Young in January 2015. 

Heather has a beautiful soul and a warm, welcoming personality. She is as beautiful as a hot summer spring and  welcomes all to sit and rest under her waters.  This world craves and longs for the passion and honesty she freely gives in her interpretation and delivery of songs. She is blessed with talent beyond measure and her voice can calm the aching heart.  And, although she writes beautiful ballads and has won National Competitions in song writing and talent shows, Heather's greatest gift may be in her vulnerability and her soulful delivery.  Whether she sings The Eagles, Melissa Etheridge, Nora Jones, Alania Morrisette  or one of her own original songs, Heather sings from that deep place within as though she has tasted and experienced every word. She gently draws the audience along this journey where they can feel safe in her song. It's a magical place where one can laugh and reminisce and shed a tear all in one evening.  Heather has this magic.  And yes, it is somewhat spiritual and beyond understanding, but Heather does this every time she invites us to listen.  

Come join Heather as she takes you to a time when youth was all you knew and love was all you desired.  Come drink in the mysteries of love and relationships and life.  I think Heather says it perfectly. 

“I welcome you to take this journey with me.   Come...”